Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

**If you do not currently have a Leelou blog as your background then you will need to follow these directions before you apply a Leelou background.**
-Log in to your blog
-Click on the Template button
-Go to Pick New Template
-Save Minima as your new template
-Follow the rest of the directions below

**If you already have a Leelou blog set as your background then follow these directions**
-Click on the Template button
-Click on Edit HTML
-Select all the HTML and delete it all
-Go to: Ho Ho Ho
-Copy all HTML (except the blue text at the very very bottom)
-Paste Ho Ho Ho HTML so it will show as the current HTML in your blog
-Save your template and you're done!

After you have applied the new background, you can go to Template and then click on Font's and Colors to customize your page even more. Please take a Leelou Link button for your blog too! Enjoy!